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NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association

NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association is the premier association representing nearly 900 independent, community-based telecommunications companies that are leading innovation in rural and small-town America. NTCA advocates on behalf of its members in the legislative and regulatory arenas, and it provides training and development; publications and industry events; and an array of employee benefit programs. In an era of exploding technology, deregulation and marketplace competition, NTCA’s members are leading the IP evolution for rural consumers, delivering technologies that make rural communities vibrant places in which to live and do business. Because of their efforts, rural America is fertile ground for innovation in economic development and commerce, education, health care, government services, security and smart energy use. Visit us at www.ntca.org.

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Oklahoma Rural Broadband Association

The Oklahoma Rural Broadband Association promotes the common interest of all Association members, provides educational programs, keeps its members informed about state and national issues, promotes communications among its members, and educates the general public to increase its knowledge and perception of the telecommunications industry and Association members.

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Oregon Telecommunications Association

The Oregon Telecommunications Association is a trade association representing the telecommunications industry in Oregon. The Association conducts meetings for several committees, holds educational and training seminars, coordinates industry activities during legislative sessions, represents the industry on regulatory issues, and works with member companies on individual projects.

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South Carolina Telecommunications and Broadband Association

Founded in 1934 as the South Carolina Telephone Association, the purpose of our organization is to pursue statewide strategies that encourage the deployment of technologies that will enable SCTBA members to be the best providers of telecommunication and broadband products and services to South Carolina.

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Tennessee Broadband Association

Connecting people — that is the mission of the Tennessee Broadband Association. We’re connecting legislators and regulators with the public through advocacy and education. We’re connecting Tennessee’s telcos with one another to foster collaboration and pursue common goals. And we’re connecting those who serve the telecommunications industry throughout our state to help them stay engaged with the issues and explore opportunities to work in a unified manner. We are the TBA. Please take a moment to learn more. We invite you to join our mission.

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Texas Statewide Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (TSTCI)

Representing Rural Telecommunications in Texas! We are a statewide association representing telephone cooperatives and other rural independent telephone exchanges in Texas. Our mission is to represent and serve the interests of the Texas rural independent telecommunications providers and their customers.