Zyxel WiFi 6 for Faster Speed

Zyxel’s WiFi 6 – Faster Speed and Greater Capacity

Zyxel’s WiFi 6 – Faster Speed, Greater Capacity, and Higher Efficiency

Zyxel Wi-Fi 6 EX5510


Faster WiFi

The next generation of WiFi is here. WiFi 6 promises to deliver faster speeds, greater capacity, and higher efficiency. Zyxel’s new EX5510 Dual-Band Wireless AX Gigabit Ethernet Gateway delivers on this promise by taking advantage of WiFi 6 with speeds four times faster than standard WiFi, more connected devices, and optimized online home experience.

The Zyxel EX5510 comes with the all-new MPro Mesh™, which includes a mobile app that allows Subscribers to manage their home WiFi network. Additionally, WiFi coverage can be extended throughout the Subscriber’s home by adding the WX3310 Dual-Band Wireless AX5400 Gigabit Extender.


Faster Internet – EX5510

The Zyxel EX5510 Dual-Band Wireless AX Gigabit Ethernet Gateway provides the ability for Service Providers to offer a variety of service tiers with the Multi-WAN Gig Internet port. Providers can leverage the performance of the EX5510’s Internet port with 100Mbps, 500Mbps, 1Gbps, and 2.5Gbps speeds which allow their Subscribers’ options for a premier Internet experience. Combining WiFi 6 performance with the versatility of Multiple Internet WAN connections makes the EX5510 ideal for most high performing Broadband applications.


MPro Mesh™, Self-help tool designed for your Subscribers

Zyxel’s all-new MPro Mesh™ allows Subscribers the ability to freely roam around their home with a continuous connection to all their networked devices. Hands-free interaction means no mess or complicated set-ups. One-click and they are connected to their home network. The easy-to-use MPro Mobile App helps Service Providers by reducing the pressure of supporting their Subscribers with routine WiFi-related activities like setting up WiFi passwords, adding new WiFi devices, etc.