New Telco-Grade WiFi 6 Gateways

Comtrend Wi-Fi 6 Gateway

Comtrend’s New Telco-Grade WiFi 6 Gateways are now available to sample through CSSA!

Comtrend Wi-Fi 6 Gateway

These WiFi 6 gateways offer up to 1W power output! This is the highest WiFi output power possible through FCC regulations and results in superior WiFi coverage. Paired with the latest standard of WiFi 6 technologies, these gateways seek to end customer WiFi complaints.

Key Benefits

  • Increased Efficiency and Optimized Coverage
    WiFi 6 utilizes new features in WiFi technology such as OFDMA, MU-MIMO, 1024-QAM for an enhanced overall WiFi experience.
  • Use More Devices Simultaneously
    WiFi 6 is ideal for simultaneously running multiple high-bandwidth devices.
  • Improved Performance in Dense Environments
    New features including BSS coloring and ODFMA increase performance in dense WiFi environments.
  • Remote Management for Reduced Truck Rolls
    Supports TR-069 to easily setup, manage, troubleshoot and control the CPE remotely.


PRT-6301 WiFi 6 Ethernet Gateway

AX5400 | TR-069 Support

VR-3071 WiFi 6 A/VDSL Gateway
AX5400 | TR-069 Support