ESI eSIP Remote Access and Managment Portal (RAMP)

The all-new ESI eSIP Remote Access and Management Portal™ (RAMP) gives ESI partners the ability to easily and proactively monitor all of their customers’ eSIP Evolution/Titan Series servers from a web browser. This intuitive web interface is built to empower ESI partners to serve their eSIP customers from anywhere; taking the complexity out of monitoring and maintaining premise-based equipment, without insecure and perpetual firewall changes.

Easy & Intuitive

The Remote Access and Management Portal makes it easier than ever to support customers with an on-site eSIP solution, without the need for a site visit. Partners can access the customers’ solution with just a couple of clicks, just as if plugged directly into the device.

Enhanced Alarm Notifications

Building upon the robust even notification capabilities of the eSIP Evolution/Titan series solutions, partners can be notified of any alarm-triggering event. Partners can take proactive measures to look into issues before the customer even reports the outage.

Secure Management

Using industry standard encryption protocols and ad-hoc connections, partners can rest assured that the communications between the eSIP server and the remote session is secure – without relying on complex firewall configurations. In fact, remote access is easily achievable without changing the customers’ firewall.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Quickly connect to a customer’s eSIP server
  • More secure than opening holes in a firewall
  • Real-time, at-a-glance view into the status of all of your customers’ eSIP servers
  • Easily provide remote system access to ESI Technical support, when necessary
  • Receive event alarm notifications, even if the eSIP server is completely down
  • Securely make remote moves/adds/changes, system configuration back-ups, software upgrades and more
  • Manage remote access permissions and grant RAMP access to a customer’s staff
  • View both current and historical alarm data

Supported eSIP systems:

  • eSIP Evolution Series™ 20x, 50x, 200x & 500x:
    • version or higher
  • eSIP Titan Series™ T1 & T2:
    • all software versions are compatible