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Duraline’s Microtechnology Future Path Jumbo 2-Way Innerduct features:

  • FuturePath configuration consisting of two 1.00″ or 1.25″ conduits, available in your choice of True SIDR 11.5 or SDR 11
  • A perfect choice for customers who would like to plan for future possibilities using larger standard fiber cables for one installation
  • No special tools or equipment needed; installation uses the same as traditional conduit or innerduct
  • Custom colors available for MicroDucts and Oversheath


Duraline FuturePath Jumbo 2-Way Innerduct



Standard Features:

  • SEQUENTIAL FOOT OR METER MARKINGS. Custom print streams available
  • RIP CORD(S) for easy opening of the sheath.
  • SILICORE is co-extruded with the tough HDPE wall creating a permanent, super slippery interior lining. It has the lowest co-efficient of friction compared to other options, no performance loss in all temperature conditions and functions without additional wet lubricants.
  • MATERIAL HDPE (High-density polyethylene) Smooth Outside / Smooth Inside
  • FILL RATIO Choose the correct MicroDuct size based on the Outer Diameter (OD) of desired MicroCable.  Dura-Line recommends a fill ratio of 50% and 75% for optimal cable placement performance. Several factors impact jetting distance, including the condition of route, bends, and equipment.
  • STANDARD PACKAGING Available on standard 90″ reels with up to 2500′ put-ups per reel.