Re-Open Safely with ESI Access 5D Thermal Reader

The ESI Access™ 5D Thermal Reader Helps Companies and Schools Re-Open Safely


ESI 5D Thermal Reader

The no-contact ESI Access™ 5D Thermal Reader is the perfect solution for organizations wanting to safely re-open their facilities after various stay at home orders.

With customizable access parameters, the 5D Reader can perform facial recognition, scan for body temperature, detect the presence of PPE masks (where required), or grant entry based on scanning an RFID card or QR code.

Safety for business employees, vendors and customers, as well as administrators, teachers and students is a top priority in America today! This amazing access device allows for companies and schools to quickly adjust to the ever-changing guidelines and rules for re-opening their facilities.

Additionally, the event logging tools within the Windows-based EZ Station™ application provide companies with proof that they’ve taken necessary safety measures per the guidelines in their area.