Yealink Conference Phones: Easy Conferencing | Clear Communication

June 1, 2018



Yealink Conference Phones
Easy Conferencing | Clear Communication


Yealink designs its audio conferencing solutions to suit a range of different meeting environments. The CP960 and the CP920 address today's audio conferencing challenges and unify a clear-and-easy conferencing communication experience for both in-room and remote participants. The CP960 targets mid-to-large-sized meetings while the CP920 covers small-to-mid-sized meetings. 


Features Common to Both CP920/CP960 models:

  • Five-Way Conference
  • HD Voice Audio and Yealink Noise Proof Technology
  • Built-in PoE
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Built-in Bluetooth 4.0 (USB pairing to a mobile phone)
  • USB Port 2.0 / USB Recording (USB pairing to a PC)
  • Wide-band Audio support



CP920 Unique Features

  • Can connect to PSTN Analog line (with optional CPN10 cable)
  • CP920 is ideal for small to mid-sized meeting rooms




CP960 Added Features

  • Android 5.1 operating system
  • 5" color touch screen display
  • Enterprise-grade Ideal for mid-to-large sized meeting rooms
  • Pentagon meeting room - 5 party conferencing/Send invites at a dingle touch to participants
  • Active speaker automatically displays the speaker on the screen
  • Optional Wireless Mics


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