OFS Expands Rollable Ribbon Solution

July 12, 2019


OFS Expands Rollable Ribbon  Solution  


OFS is pleased to announce the expansion of its Rollable Ribbon Cable Solution to include connectorized assemblies.  Rollable ribbon fiber optic cables are one of the most exciting developments in outside plant (OSP) cabling technology in years. These cables can help users achieve significant time and cost savings using mass fusion splicing while also doubling their fiber density in a given duct size compared to traditional flat ribbon cable designs. Each OFS rollable ribbon within a cable features 12 individual optical fibers that are partially bonded to each other at predetermined points. These ribbons can be "rolled" into a flexible and compact bundle that offers the added benefit of improved fiber routing and handling in closure preparation. 


The Rollable Ribbon Connectorized Assembly offers all the benefits of rollable ribbon cable including small outer diameter, tight bend radius and flexibility with termination counts of 24 - 864 fibers with the option of MPO, LC or SC connectors. The compact diameter of the OFS breakout design enables easy installation and pulling through cable trays. Breakout lengths are staggered for general use or customized for specific frame installation and one hundred percent factory tested.



OFS Expands InvisiLight® Facade  Solution


OFS announces the expansion of the InvisiLight Facade Solution for outdoor Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs) applications. The solution now supports installations in buildings with external breezeways.


This solution uses the popular InvisiLight Facade cord available with up 24 fibers and a grey indoor/outdoor rated variant of the compact Point of Entry (POE) module used in indoor InvisiLight Solutions have become known for including quick, discrete installations combined with fast service connection. 


The OFS InvisiLight Solution portfolio has been installed globally since its launch in 2012. The InvisiLight ILU Solution includes single and two-fiber versions and is designed for the residential unit whereas the complimentary InvisiLight MDU Solution is comprised of 4, 8, 12 and 16-fiber count cords along with POE Modules that are installed in building hallways and/or risers passing each residence. OFS' market leading EZ-Bend® G.657.B3 fiber, with a 2.5 mm bend radius, is used in all InvisiLight cord types for the tight bending performance required for these applications. The InvisiLight solution portfolio is well integrated with an equally diverse OFS SlimBox® portfolio of terminals for both indoor and outdoor applications, and with OFS' new EZ-Terminator Splice on Connector Solution.


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