Mitel Announcements Fall 2015

September 15, 2015
Policy Change: 
Mandatory 1-Year Software Assurance (SWA) Coverage
Effective October 15, 2015, new product purchases specific to the enterprise market (such as MiVoice Business) will require purchase of Year 1 Software Assurance (SWA) coverage. In addition, purchases after October 15, 2015 will no longer include 90 days of SWA coverage. Therefore, the SWA subscription is effective immediately when applied to a new software application record in the Mitel licensing server. This will align SWA coverage both across our business and with common industry practices.
For additional info go to MOL for a full explanation or contact CSSA.
Mark Your Calendars: Get Up to Speed on the Updated MiCollab
The much-anticipated MiCollab Release 7 is coming Friday, October 2. 
More information coming soon!
Questions? Please contact CSSA at 800.252.2772.