Important Notice to Avaya-Selling CSSA Members

December 13, 2013

Avaya will have an "infrastructure upgrade" that will take place January 10 - 20, 2014.


Avaya will be using this time to develop a new quote tool and implement part number and price changes.  While we do not anticipate a net price increase, existing quotations will be honored until January 10, 2014.  After this time, opportunities that remain open must be re-quoted using the new quote tool.


Also, you will not be able to register licenses or activate software on any new or existing system during this time.


If you are aware of jobs that may be affected by this downtime, we encourage you to order needed licenses and equipment as soon as possible in order to avoid any interruption of service.


Place your Avaya orders before 5 pm EST on January 10, 2014 to ensure your orders are processed and entered into the pipeline before the black-out period begins.


Download licenses required for customer implementations before 5 pm EST on January 10, 2014. Licenses MUST be downloaded prior to the black-out period.


If you have questions about pending quotes, please call CSSA at 800-252-2772. Our goal is to support CSSA members. Feel free to contact if you have questions or concerns.