ESI Master Tech Classroom Training in December!

November 11, 2014
ESI Master Technician Classroom Training
8 Students, $500 per student
December 16 - 18, Little Rock, Arkansas


ESI's Master Technician advanced technical training is for experienced certified technicians of ESI equipment. This training offers a great opportunity for Certified Resellers to expand their service capabilities.


Upon completion, your employee will possess a deeper understanding of ESI systems and the knowledge and skills to perform in-depth field troubleshooting with many of the same sophisticated diagnostic commands used by ESI's own support technicians. These skills are essential in determining whether a system is operating at peak performance. In addition, certified ESI Master Technicians will receive access to the Master Technician Web portal and support by the ESI Technical Support team. 

  • Get detailed information about individual branches, departments, extensions, mailboxes, and Caller ID.
  • Analyze the status of the system drive, modem, voice mail and messaging, NSP, and all ports.
  • Review system-reset information to see what was happening when a system went down.
  • Evaluate the current state of port cards, line group access, RFID tag IDs, and more.
  • Activate and set how much debug information you need, which tasks you want to capture, and which ports to report debug details; plus, learn how to clear all debug data from the system drive.
  • Examine and change values for functions like low volume on internal calls, amber LED threshold, ACD hold time, and PRI called-number party information.
  • Get a precise view of the channels used by Esi-Link trunks and check Esi-Link connections to other cabinets in the Esi-Link network.
  • Access and perform software and prompt maintenance.
  • Print system reports and clear report totals.
  • View complete system information such as system software version, the date the software was loaded, and disk, Flash, DSP, and NSP versions.
  • Receive a master list of ESI system prompts. 

This class has recently been brought back after a two-year hiatus. Register by calling CSSA.