ESI Comm Server Master Tech Class

March 12, 2015

ESI Comm Server Master Tech Class

May 5 - 7, 2015
Little Rock, Arkansas
$500 per student

  • Tech must have successfully completed the online Comm Server class to be eligible. The older leader-lead Comm Server class will not qualify. Contact CSSA about a FREE training opportunity in March!
  • Minimum students - 5. Maximum students - 8.
  • Test will be held the afternoon of May 7.

ESI's Master Technician advanced technical training is for experienced certified technicians of ESI equipment. This training offers a great opportunity for Certified Resellers to expand their service capabilities.

Upon completion, your employee will possess a deeper understanding of ESI systems and the knowledge and skills to perform in-depth field troubleshooting with many of the same sophisticated diagnostic commands used by ESI's own support technicians. These skills are essential in determining whether a system is operating at peak performance. In addition, certified ESI Master Technicians will receive access to the Master Technician Web portal and support by the ESI Technical Support team. 

  • Get detailed information about individual branches, departments, extensions, mailboxes, and Caller ID.
  • Analyze the status of the system drive, modem, voice mail and messaging, NSP, and all ports.
  • Review system-reset information to see what was happening when a system went down.
  • Evaluate the current state of port cards, line group access, RFID tag IDs, and more.
  • Activate and set how much debug information you need, which tasks you want to capture, and which ports to report debug details; plus, learn how to clear all debug data from the system drive.
  • Examine and change values for functions like low volume on internal calls, amber LED threshold, ACD hold time, and PRI called-number party information.
  • Get a precise view of the channels used by Esi-Link trunks and check Esi-Link connections to other cabinets in the Esi-Link network.
  • Access and perform software and prompt maintenance.
  • Print system reports and clear report totals.
  • View complete system information such as system software version, the date the software was loaded, and disk, Flash, DSP, and NSP versions.

Register online on the Members Only site or by calling 800.252.2772.