CSSA Inks eero Deal for CSSA Members

October 11, 2017



CSSA is pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with eero, the world's leading manufacturer of whole-home Smart Mesh Wi-Fi products, enabling CSSA members to resell the eero solution.   Eero was the first to offer a consumer-friendly mesh Wi-Fi system back in 2015.   Building on their success and market leadership, eero has recently launched its second generation solution.  The new eero Generation 2 Wi-Fi System is the first of its kind to incorporate Tri-Band technology.  In addition, eero has added the Beacon and eero Plus for better consumer control of home networks.


A system of eero and eero Beacons wirelessly connects to blanket a home in fast, reliable Wi-Fi. With 2x better performance than the original eero, the 2nd-generation eero WiFi system ensures  a powerful mesh Wi-Fi in every nook and cranny of any home, backyard included. No more dead spots, slow spots, drop-offs, or buffering- right out of the box. 



The all-new eero is the same form factor as the original, but more than twice as powerful. It's the only Wi-Fi access point of its size that's tri-band, meaning it can broadcast on three wireless radio bands simultaneously. With two Ethernet ports, eero is perfect for media rooms or anywhere you have Ethernet wiring. 






Despite being half the size of the original eero, eero Beacon is a full-fledged access point with 30% better performance. Beacon plugs directly into any outlet and easily expands your system to cover every corner of your home. It also includes a handy and intelligent LED nightlight that adjusts brightness depending on the time of day. 






eero Plus

eero Plus is a new premium network protection service available on all eero systems.  The eero Plus service offers users advanced security, expaned parental control and VIP access to eero technical support. 



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