CSSA Announces Wholesale SIP Trunking with ESI Cloud Services

February 17, 2014

CSSA has partnered with ESI Cloud Services to offer Members access to highly competitive SIP Trunking Services.  This new service will provide CSSA Members with a high-quality communications solution to compete against encroaching low-cost Internet Telephone Services Providers (ITSP).  CSSA Members will now have the ability to offer voice services outside their wireline footprint.  CSSA and ESI Cloud Services have eliminated the barriers for entering the SIP Trunk services market while building long-term reoccurring revenue.

-          Competitive Rates

-          Completive Commission Structure

-          Higher Commissions When Combined with an ESI IP Phone System

-          No Barriers for Entry

-          No Infrastructure Cost

With SIP Trunking from ESI Cloud Services you can now offer voice services outside your wire line footprint and compete with some of the lower=-cost services you are now seeing in your markets.  SIP Trunking can be connected to legacy PBX systems and current IP PBX systems like the ESI Communication Servers and IP 900. With ESI SIP Trunking you can compete with almost any voice services reducing your customer’s monthly expenses by up to 50%.