Classroom Training: SX-200 ICP Release 5.0 Level 1 Installation & Maintenance

October 19, 2015

SX-200 ICP Release 5.0 Level 1 Installation & Maintenance
December 7 - 11, 2015            Little Rock, Arkansas
$1850 per student
5 student minimum, 10 maximum

The leader-led SX200 ICP Release 5.0 Basic Installation & Maintenance course is designed for technicians, installers and maintenance personnel wishing to install, maintain and program an SX200 ICP system.  The course covers hardware and software installation including upgrades.  It also covers customer database programming, troubleshooting problems and performing routine maintenance tasks.

Course topics:

•             System operation

•             Installing hardware and software

•             Upgrading software

•             Troubleshooting and routine maintenance

•             Planning, programming and testing a basic customer database including peripherals, trunking and other features

•             Backing up and restoring a customer database

•             Voicemail and auto attendant


This basic I&M course provides SX200 ICP Level 1 certification required for installing the SX200 ICP system as a voice PBX/Key system only (Level 2 certification is required to install the SX200 ICP as a voice and data system).

Mandatory:  Two SX200 ICP Rls 5.0 I&M Prerequisite Training Self-Study modules are required. Both are taken at the new Absorb training site.  A Mitel online account is required for access to these courses. There are no charges for these self-study courses.
•             SX200ICP Prerequisite Training Self Study (T-200-PREREQ-SS)
•             SX200ICP Prerequisite Training Equipment Self Study (T-200-PREREQ-EQ-SS)

Working experience with PBX/Key systems; Knowledge of cabling, cross connecting and telephony concepts; Basic PC knowledge

General Information
Each session is 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Please do not plan departures before 4:30 pm on the last day of class. CSSA will only train employees of CSSA member/affiliate distributor companies. Contact Dale Edgington, CSSA Technical Consultant, with questions pertaining to this class.


Register online at the Members Only site or call 800.252.2772